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Welcome to St Joseph's

All staff at St. Joseph’s seek to do the very best that we can for all of the children in our care. Our work is formed and led by our Mission Statement. The living out of this Mission Statement challenges each and every one of us on a daily basis. Providing the best possible quality care for children with different gifts and talents, continuing to strive for excellence and always looking to be witnesses of Our Lord Jesus Christ may be a tall order but it forms the daily life of our school.

Our School is a community, which celebrates the uniqueness and dignity of each individual. Everyone is made in the likeness of God, and has dignity that does not depend on age, race, gender, wealth or any other attribute.

As a community we depend on each other profoundly, our aim is that through example as well as by direct teaching we will teach our children that the most effective way to learn is by caring for others, nurturing our own talents, always doing our best and always being there to help others. We hope that your children will leave St. Joseph’s not only having achieved their full potential academically but also prepared to take on responsibility for their own learning and ready to use their talents for the good of others.

As you are the first and prime educators of your children we hope to involve you as much as possible in your child’s education. If, at any stage, you have concerns or suggestions do not hesitate to contact either the teaching staff or myself.

Welcome to St. Joseph’s.


Our school news letters are out on Friday's. Find the most recent here, on our home page, or check older issues on our newsletter page.

Recently we have.................Recently we have.....................Recently we have.......................

Hosted our 3rd reading morning!

click on me to see more pictures!
click on me to see more pictures!

Our reading mornings are proving popular! We love to see all our parents and carers getting involved and coming along to hear their children read.

Refreshments are always available but thank you to the kind donations towards paying for the cost.

Taken part in Diversity Week

Mrs Foxley Johnson has been visiting regularly to help the children understand about bullying and relationships. Most recently they have worked on looking at differences and similarities between people but also has worked to break stereotypes of women and men. Anyone can do anything!

Click on the photo for more!

Hosted our Explore Geography open day.

We have regularly opened our doors to show you, our parents and carers, the wonderful work the pupils create through each of our topic terms, and this last spring term saw some great exploration!

 Click on the photo for more!

Our Classes

Visit our class pages to check out what your children will be learning about this term. These pages are updated through the term, so keep checking to see if there are any useful links or downloads, or just some pictures of them having fun!

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages.


Community Links

Check out flyers about local events or download them using the link, for you to read at home.

This week we have heard from the Rotherham United Community trust who are starting some new play fun sessions for children aged between 2-8 years old, with additional needs or disabilities.


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